Angela Mickley

This is the page of Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley. 

Angela Mickley…

… is Professor for Peace Education, Conflict Resolution and Ecology at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Department of Social Work. Her research focuses on the dynamics of international and regional conflicts and their resolution. She also teaches conflict resolution, crisis prevention and peace education at universities in Austria, Namibia, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and at the Military Leadership Academy.
 … explores across time and space how humans have resolved conflicts peacefully. When and by what means has civil disobedience succeeded? How does successful non-violent resistance work? She investigated the non-violent 19th Century Irish resistance movement led by Daniel O’Connell and drew on some of its methods when mediating between Protestants and Catholics in the Northern Ireland conflict.
…  is a successful free-lance conflict resolution practitioner and intercultural mediator. She intercedes in both regional and international conflict scenarios and collaborated with OSCE und GTZ (now GIZ, German Society for
International Cooperation). 
… is committed both to foreign affairs and security policy. She is aware of the future importance of some regions as international hubs and focussed on helping secure domestic stability in these countries. Sustainable solutions can only be achieved by taking into account historical burdens and dealing with them in a pragmatic way. Her conflict resolution programme is outcome-driven and future-oriented. She has initiated programmes in conflict resolution and capacity building in Namibia, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. 
…designed the advanced training programme “Conflict Management/Mediation” at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and developed the first mediation trainings at schools in Germany. She developed and conducted peace projects for Protestant and Catholic Northern-Irish Youth. 
… finds personal access to foreign cultures by learning to sing their songs. They unclose the doors to people of varying cultures in her international work.
Professor Angela Mickley holds an MA in historical and political sciences and completed her PhD on Catholic constitutional/non-violent movements in Ireland at Free University Berlin and Queen's University Belfast.