Angela Mickley

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Two one-week seminars in Tbilisi in September 2011 and February 2012. Following the seminars, the team members discussed additional needs for conflict resolution competences with representatives of civil society, security sector, business and academia.

Principal objective:

Representatives of the Georgian and Moldovan public sector and of its civil society acquire skills in conflict analysis, negotiation, decision making and mediation. They establish an expert network in their region, whose members will be able to discern conflicts at an early stage and resolve them in a sustainable way and without foreign assistance (cp. projects in Moldova in 1997 and 2012 and in Namibia from 2004 to 2009).

Why Georgia?

With regard to energy policy, Georgia is a critical region. Its regions Abchasia and South Ossetia had Russian support when breaking away from Georgia. Georgia is – different than Moldova – faced with the complex problem of secession. The situation was worsened by the armed conflict with Russia in 2008.

Project team:

Angela Mickley (concept/project leadership), Meike Dudde and Sebastian Dworack (conflict resolution expertise/lecturing), Aurelio Schrey (photo documentation/ IT-management/ communication)


Advisors and consultants who work for Members of Parliament, government agencies, local authorities or administrative bodies, academics and lecturers in higher education, security sector and employees of NGOs and the private sector in Georgia and Moldova.


Local capacity building, designed to facilitate autonomous and sustainable conflict resolution.


The participants - have learned how to tackle highly escalated conflicts. - have diversified their methodical repertoire and developed wider perspectives e.g. on the relations between Georgia and Russia. - have invoked their own experiences with conflicts and experimented with differing foci. - have a clear understanding of their own set of skills and expert profile. - established a regional network, including Armenian and Moldovan colleagues.

The project was supported by the DAAD’s (German Academic Exchange Service) crisis prevention programme and funded by the Federal Foreign Office.