Angela Mickley

This is the page of Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley. 


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Present project:

Two one-week seminars in Chisinau in July and September 2012. Following the seminars, the team members discussed additional needs for conflict resolution competences with representatives of the public, business, military and academia.

Principal objective:

Representatives of the Moldovan, Georgian and Armenian public/private sector and civil society acquire skills in conflict analysis, negotiation, decision-making and mediation. They establish an expert network in their region, whose members will be able to discern conflicts at an early stage and resolve them in a sustainable way and without foreign assistance (cp. projects in Georgia in 2011/12 and in Namibia from 2004 to 2009).

Why Moldova?

Moldova – like Georgia – is faced with the complex problem of secession. The majority of inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova speak Romanian. Its region Transnistria, with a majority of Russian-speakers, has unilaterally declared its independence, supported by Russia. The conflict escalated into an armed conflict in 1992.

Professor Mickley brings in the expertise of a former conflict resolution project in Chisinau (see below).

Project Team:

Angela Mickley (concept/project leadership), Meike Dudde and Sebastian Dworack, Corinna Kärnbach (conflict resolution expertise/lecturing), Aurelio Schrey (photo documentation/IT management/communication)


Representatives of the Moldovan, Georgian and Armenian public/private sector and civil society.


Local capacity building, designed to facilitate autonomous and sustainable conflict resolution.


The participants

  • learned how to tackle highly escalated conflicts.
  • diversified their methodical repertoire. Doing so they developed alternative perspectives e.g. on the relations between Georgia and Russia.
  • invoked their own experiences with conflicts and experimented with differing foci.
  • have a clear understanding of their own set of skills and professional expertise.
  • established a regional network, including Armenian and Georgian colleagues.

The project has been supported by the DAAD’s (German Academic Exchange Service) crisis prevention programme and funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

Former project:

A two-day workshop for the GTZ, Assoc. for Technical Cooperation (now: GIZ, Assoc. for Internat. Cooper.) in Chisinau in April 1997

Principal objective:

Intervene in the conflict between Russia-oriented and Moldova-oriented associations to enable them to cooperate. Their collaboration was necessary for the planning of a Water Centre in Eastern Europe.


The GTZ was at that time executing the project „promotion of the development of environmental NGOs in Moldova“. The project was threatened by failure due to problems to do with secession (see above). Moldova’s region Transnistria had unilaterally declared its independence in 1991. The persons in charge at the NGOs from the respective regions refused to cooperate.

Project team:

Angela Mickley, Udo Heitmann (GTZ)


Representatives of several NGOs from both Moldova and its region Transnistria, and two interpreters (Romanian and Russian)


The participants were once again disposed to cooperate and continued to run the GTZ project together.