Angela Mickley

This is the page of Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley. 

Northern Ireland


1976-79 Peace work on local and regional level, with Peace Nobelists Mairead Corrigan, Betty Williams and their organisation Peace People. Research in Irish constitutional mass movement for Catholic emancipation and independence.


  • nonviolent actions against paramilitary activities,
  • Youth and community peace actions with both denominations, such as peace camps in Norway, adventure outings,
  • found Youth Farm for continuous peace education with meetings and activities of both denominations
  • Contribute details on successful nonviolent Irish political movements to efforts of Peace People to improve Irish image in US and reduce Irish-American financial support for paramilitaries.
  • Create and test teaching material for peace education with different groups in controversial settings
  • Develop neutral descriptions of highly symbolic events in British-Irish history with students and peace groups.

Principal objectives

Simultaneously address short-term, medium and long-term aspects of the conflict with different target groups, methods and types of intervention.